Single Player - Certain Dungeon Bosses not spawning

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE ( Single Player doesnt have any mode? )
Region: Nordic ( Single Player is affected by this? )
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Hi, I have been going through the singleplayer mode for the last week, and noticed that in certain dungeons such as The Well of Skelos and Midnight Grove certain bosses do not wish not load in or spawn. My gues would be that this is due to range enemies spawn/de-spawn in singleplayer, and in dungeons those bosses are not able to respawn based on distance. So if you dont get them to load in right away, they just never load.

Due to this, I cannot complete all journey steps ( which I am currently working towards ).

Expected Behavior:

Have it so that the bosses are there, and if my theory is correct with the load distance, maximize the view/spawn/load distance in dungeons so the bosses will actually be home.

Steps to Reproduce:

Will use The Well of Skelos as an example.

Walk in, kill first mini boss at the forge, all is fine.
Clear further towards the mini boss that is required to open the door, all is fine.
Clear towards the final boss ( The Degenerate ), there is an empty throne speaking to you with a purple protective aura around it speaking to you and spawning ghost serpents at you.
Once the Ghost Serpent phase is done, there is no boss, and no body.

I have retried the dungeon multiple times, and the same has happend multiple times, I also ran to the entrance, and back to the final boss room. All other things in the dungeon respawned with the exception of the Final Boss room Ghost Serpent event ( and the boss is still not home )

Thank you for your time reading this and possibly looking into this.

It is an issue reported by many SP users (it doesn’t happen on servers). The current workaround until a proper fix is introduced is to turn on admin, go in ghost mode for 1-2 seconds and turn if off. This should force respawn the bosses.


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