Single player/Co-Op having a previous build load up on map

Lol just I need to ask a simple question my father plays Conan next house here in the age of sorceries and yet I received profile with all that and I created profile on the same xbox and his build was showing up on my single player as well as my build is now showing up on his single player And it seems to have refreshed a few steps that my father is completed does anyone know the reason why the servers would do this and why single player alone would do this if so would be grateful for the help.

There is only one map file per machine. So even if multiple people use the same machine, they will always play on the same map.

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Thank you but we’ve been playing for 2 days now and all of a sudden his safe profile just rolled back about a full day any clues on why

Thanks man any clues to why the game does roll backs at times only ask as my farther turned on his game this morning and everything that he had done yesterday reset to everything before my profile was made.