Single player content

Do any of the expansions compare to the Tortage beginner experience? IE. is there any storyline progression through a zone or anything similar to it? I typically come back to the game, play Tortage and end up leaving soon after it. I guess Id like to know if they ended up developing any higher level content that will make it worth progressing towards.

Yes. You get friends, join groups, join a guild, do raids, 6 mans, factions, pvp, etc. That’s the best content in game, and generally most mmorpg. If single play is your thing, mod skyrim until your heart is content.

thanks for not wasting my time. /uninstalled

You are welcome. I was just returning the favor to you.

I play single player all the time. Dragon’s Spine questlines are really great, one of my favourite zones. Destiny questline was not bad, ending with battling Grim Grey God in a solo instance, then continues with raid. Turan has some interesting solo stuff - Isle of Iron statues, Dead Man’s Hand. Khitai is repetitive but also has a great storyline about the emperor and the entity, but then again ends with a raid content.

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Turan has a pretty straight forward storyline and if you’re willing to stretch the meaning of ‘storyline’ than Vanahiem does too as that one starts with clearing out the village and then each map is pushing the bad guys farther and farther back until you take them on on their home turf.

Answer seems quite simple : you can totally play AoC solo, afetr a while if you want the better gear to be able to do more stuff (even some 80 solo stuff), it’s better to guild/group. The stories for solo questing are fine I think, and as it has been said Vanaheim or Turan are interesting.

Also this intersting blog entry about solo play and guilds