Single Player game crashing over and over - PS4 (video)

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Crash
Region: LATAM

The game’s been experiencing crashes more and more often. I tried uninstalling/installing the game, but little to no improve on it.
I play on a 1TB PS4 with plenty of room on the HD.
I uploaded a video (unlisted, access only through this direct link):

First part of the video it shows one of many times when hoovering a container will cause the game to crash (would love to turn that preview feature off).
Second part shows a crash when fighting one mammoth with over 20 thralls and pets (many of which won’t attack, just a couple will act at all, as if the AI is very limited on local games).
Third and last part shows a crash when fighting a 3 skulls rhino with less than 20 thralls and pets (again, only a handful of them will attack, some will just come and look what’s going on).
I just got a crash while repairing a legendary weapon wearing the new helmet, close to a fireplace, and surrounded by 5-6 performers (I was writing a post here, didn’t even touch the PS4 controller).
Crashing not only affects the game play, it makes you lost tons of time by restarting the game (takes several minutes to load a local game), and it makes you lose all buffs you and your thralls have.
Any hep, tips will be appreciated.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try anything described above or as shown on video.

Hello @Wonka, thank you for reaching out!

We advise you to reduce the amount of light sources, npcs and even building pieces, if possible, as the crashes are in many cases caused by high amounts of placeables in the same area, since the single player client has trouble handling the same load as the online client, especially on console.

Disk space doesn’t factor as much as disk speed, so having a SSD is usually helpful in mitigating this type of issue. There’s also a known issue that’s being looked into where having the Admin Panel enabled aggravates performance issues.

That being said, our developers are looking into further improving the console experience, so all feedback is helpful!


Will do as you say, thanks for the info :vulcan_salute:t3:
Crashes increased the last one or two weeks ago, after that I moved some animals away, but the crash also happened on a small low populated base as well.
Please keep up the good work here on forums and developing/testing/fixing too! Playing offline is the only option for many of us.

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Need to add something: game may crash the same way even when opening self inventory too.
I was at Xaltar’s Refuge getting my behind kicked by 3 mobs, opened my inventory and game froze. It’s not only around great buildings or such.

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