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Hello. I see a lot of new functionalities on the live servers (the Pet system and the Dismantling station being the first that come to mind).

I’ve recently started a new Solo/Co-op game and cannot seem to find these in game. Are they only for online only? Do I need to check a certain option at game start in order to have them?

Thank you.

Each recipe unlocks in your feats area at certain levels. You can see all available feats, their level to unlock, and cost. There are also feats scattered and “hidden” through out the game for weapons, armor, place-ables, food, etc…

That’s what I thought as well. But these in particular appear to be missing completely. I rolled a new character on a PvE server and I could see the Animal Pen and the Dismantling station in my Feats list from lvl 1, but not on my Single player character.

tried to include link/screenshots, but cannot due to user limitations :frowning:

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Found the issue. It was an addon that was causing the issue (Most likely the “Offline mode” mod I installed at some point when I had internet issues)

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