Single Player - Half My Base Despawned

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [Jungle}

I built a base in Pitfall Pass. Left to go run through Dregs. When I returned about half the base had despawned. The ceiling and support pillars in the middle of the base are gone. The decorations which were on those pillars are hanging in mid air. All of the stations and chests are intact. Most of the ceiling and supports are gone, though.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a base in pitfall pass using sandstone support pillars and ceiling pieces
  2. Leave the base
  3. relog
  4. go back to base

Have you decay turned on ?

The decay-system is still very bugged, and i doubt it’s working properly in SP. For my part i turn it still of, there isn’t realy a reason to use in SP at my opinion.

It’s set to whatever the default is. I haven’t changed anything. But I’ll go take a look and see.

If it were decay, would I have also lost foundations too? The only thing that went missing were support columns and ceilings, which also function as the floor for the second level. We’ve only been playing for 2 days so I’m not sure enough time would have elapsed for decay to happen, but I’ll go take a look anyway.


Support beams could be an other problem.

The 2 different support-beams in game are bugged. They lose support after a server or game restart. This makes mostly vanish all ceiling or structures hold by them. You can see the change with the repair-hammer. Make a test before and after a restart.

My theory on the problem we had is that we had two separate structures that we tried to link up via a staircase. The stairs snapped to structure ‘A’, but they contacted structure ‘B’ in an odd way, leaving the base of the stairs sitting diagonal into the the ceiling of structure ‘B’.

The reason I think this is because this was a small modification we made to the base before we left. When we returned to the base the stairs and structure B were still there… and most of structure A was missing.

The odd thing here is that the stairs were snapped to structure A… and the piece they were snapped to was gone. However, when we returned they were now snapped to B…with A mostly missing.

Again, thanks for the help. At this point we repaired the base, we’ve moved on. :smiley:


I see, complicated buildings, no prob.
But there maybe support-beams could also be the culprit, not sure if you’re using them. They lose actually also theyr support after a server-restart. You can see it well with the repair-hammer.

It’s great if you have fun anyway and found a solution, be well !

The description for Decadent (normal) mode says decay is off by default, but this is false. Decay is on by default and is buggy as all hell. I recommend disabling it.

The only times I’ve ever lost any structures in SP were when decay was on.
(Decay ‘really’ should be disabled by default on all SP modes, it’s absolutely pointless to have it on.)