Single player -> Online server placement

Having taken breaks from the game, mostly waiting on new content to explore, I have recently stayed past my server’s time and it has expired losing everything I made on it. Granted a lot of it was admin spawned in, it had me thinking there should be a way to save the content in case the server is lost. This had me think of single player, where you can let it collect dust all year and come back and it still be there.

I suggest when creating a new online server, to give us the option to take our single player servers as the hosting platform. This gives hosts time to fine tune their plots and structures, and in the worse case if they lose their server from expiration, it’s a smooth process to post it back online without losing anything made.

I know the better option would be “don’t let your server expire” but I’m at the point in life where video games are like fast food. I enjoy it once in a while and get sick of it from time to time whether it be life or just lack of interest until more content comes out. Either way I would like to host a server but not pay monthly to wait on new exciting content, let me create the server privately and take it public when time is better suited with a payment.

Isn’t there a way to backup your private server’s data on a local computer or external device? I mean, every server in the world is regularly backed up on some removable media. This could be scheduled to make automatic backups at certain times of the week, or even certain times of the day, preferably at a time when people aren’t using it.

if the server setup on e.g. g-portal is anything like Ark, then you can just go into the server browser file system, locate the server settings(including map files etc), and create a local copy on your computer.

the entire scenario in ark was able to copy from server, to local(and play it there), and move back to server when ever you liked.

since both have same engine, and i think same setup with files for storing data etc, then it should be possible.

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