Single Player only bugs

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

Two larger bugs:

  1. The purge in Singleplayer is not working for me. I’ve played 30+ hours over the last days and started with the default normal difficulty for purge settings and changed the settings over time towards more purges.
    The purge meter resets every time you restart your game and fills up eventually until the second marked bar. Afterwards nothing happens, even when I stay hours logged into the same game session.
    I have a full tier 2.5 base with some Thralls and I have never encountered a purge.

  2. The weather system is not working. I build in the jungle and it’s always sunny and nice. Except for occasional sandstorms I’ve never seen rain in 30+ hours.

Repro steps:

  1. Play Singleplayer / see text above
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Same issues here too.

The Apr 25 Purge patch broke it for single player/co-op. It took me about a week to get a purge playing pretty much all day every day. The rain also stopped working around this time.

I had this feeling Funcom do not support or fix Single player as much as mutiplayer, maybe because we do not rent our own a server so they decide to ditch us the solo player?

I don’t want to sound hostility to Funcom, it just after 2 months they don’t seem to care much or even say anything.

I do have purges in my single player game with these purge settings:

purges per day 24
min number of players 0
trigger value 100
update interval 10