Single Player settings help

have anyone can help with proper settings for single player look more similiar to officials? I set same settings in each tab as on official, but in single there are irritiating graphic bugs, like thrall you knockdown, dissapear if you turn away or walk away for a moment, when you back thrall lie in constant position and if you drag him he still frozen like statue [passing throug ground graphics.

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I don’t believe that settings will do anything to have the official experience. At least on my console the problems i find playing single player are more than playing official. Then the map is active only where you render, that means that the spawns are different.
But the performance you have on single player cannot be compared with online gaming and this is enough to make single player better than any online experience.
I believe that you have better options in pc than we have on consoles, there for i will call 3 marvelous and helpful players here to suggest the best they can!
@Xevyr, @SpherisCore, @DaVice.

That’s right, that’s how it is. And this can’t be fixed by the settings, it’s a problem with the game itself. As soon as someone is knocked out, it is better to immediately drag him onto the wheel.

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