Singleplayer boredom

So I’ve been playing singleplayer for a hundred or so hours and my main focus has been creating forts, enslaving bandits and setting up my own city, now I’ve done two of these far and I’m getting pretty bored with it. Nothing attacks my bases, nothing even goes near them despite me building them smack dab between multiple hostile NPC bases. I really like the idea of building things and then defending them, the reason I chose to do this on a singleplayer server as opposed to Multiplayer is I tend to play solo and I doubt I could even build a tenth of what I’ve made here without it being raided and destroyed. So with that all said and out of the way, are there any way or are there any plans to make roaming bands of bandits or other threats that would possibly attack your buildings?

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Try a different play style. Be a wandering nomad. Build very little and survive on mostly what you find.

I know there are issues with the purge but you should be able to trigger one in single player pretty quickly. You should check your purge settings and make sure they are set to 0 players online. Also, make the number of actions required small and the rate at which actions accumulate high. The purge settings all have tool tips to help you set it up.

Once you trigger a purge, your base will be attacked. If you have multiple bases, the computer will pick one at random.

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Oh, neat thanks!

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After playing around with the Purges I have to say they aren’t that threatening, even on max and in the more difficult zones, my thralls just gib them casually.

Try the Purge Unlimited mod. It randomizes the type of Purge you get regardless of what zone you build in. Frost Giants in the desert . . . ?

I just wish the Purges could accommodate something like Humanoid NPCs only complete with trebs, orbs, explosives, and even a god attack in the Purge – like a full force attack on a player’s base (by Darfari cannibals, Black Hand pirates, Dogs of the Desert factions, Relic Hunter Set worshippers, Lemurian bandits, Asgardian soldiers, etc.).

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