Singleplayer issue: a new character at loggout

I have quite an issue with my singleplayer mode.
First, I don’t use any mods and I hit “continue” button every time.
So, when I log out and then log in, it seems like a new character is created.
If I use admin mode to search for the place I built my things, everything is here, even my real character! He is unconscious like in an online mode.
So, how do I get to play my real character again?

You can try this tool:

Though it’s very old by now, it should still work for relatively simple stuff like this.

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It worked! Thanks a lot friend! great tool and very useful!

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You’re very welcome, and glad to hear it helped!

Now that I’m back to playing CE, I plan to eventually give the tool a thorough polish, making it less finicky (or rather, introducing more checks and fallbacks for when external problems makes the tool unstable). But for the moment I only use singleplayer as a testbed, so I haven’t found much use for it.

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