Singleplayer lagging

I did actually play before the patch and have been wondering if starting a new game could help

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It was actually my sons profile, i had to wait the next morning after the 500 mb patch to start my own game, and mine plays fine, games still a little buggy, but that was to be expected :wink:

Yea, mine was disc, a dev said digital might come with the 14.6 update :slight_smile:

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The 14.6 update added the jungle and volcano, that was version 1.04

Yea, mine took a whole day to download, then another 25 min. For the 500 mb. And when i logged back in the gameplay was lagging severely and quite a few menu bugs, i erased saved game data and started over it plays fine now :slight_smile:

I also had some serious stutters when I played singleplayer. I also have a digital copy on PS4 Pro. I haven’t tried to play singleplayer yet after the update because I actualy could play on a official server yesterday without crashing.

I played singleplayer before the patch. I will test it out as soon as I get home from work and i’ll let you know (in like 3 hours).

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I play on 4k tv btw. And my save is from before the 1.05 update. But dont want to erase save file if it dosent work because i have done a lot now… please tell me if it works to delete game and save file. @Real-Hawk

I also play on 4k tv but I don’t think it matters because the game does not play in 4k. I’ll let you know in about 3 to 4 hours because i’m at work now.

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Yeah i dont think it matters either, ok thank you :slight_smile: love the game so far but the lag kills me :frowning:

Your map should be like this:
At least mine is.

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I don’t know, it is realy a strange problem. Maybe try deleting the game first and redownload before you delete your save and see if that helps.

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I’d definitely suggest deleting your game and redownloading, then maybe you’ll get the 14+ gb update.

I rebuild data base on my ps4 and deleted my save and tested playing for 5 minutes. I have no stutter anymore.
Its only a 5 minute test but it is already much better then last time when I started.
I hope it will help you guys too, try it out.
Try rebuilding your data base and then upload your save. Then delete your old save and start a new game. If it does not work then you can always download your old save back.

Ok sounds like it works? @Real-Hawk now i have uplodaded my save file to onlinestorage and i deleted the save and game, when the game is installed i go to onlinestorage and download my save right? That should work? Or should i start a brand new save? I dont want that…

First try to rebuild your database by turning of your PS4 off and then hold powerbutton until you hear a beep.
Then upload your old save and delete it.
Start a new game on singleplayer and see if it is better.

I didnt do the rebuild thing, didnt know it was a thing lol… but I have deleted game and save file, downloading game now and when its finished, i re download my save file and start the game? Is your game working fine now? @Real-Hawk

I deleted save, started new game, still lag. Then i rebuild database and it worked couple of minutes fine but then the lag came back. Im out of options what to do next. I even re-installed game. Nothing works

I’ve had the same annoying stuttering on both the standard PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. I will say that the issue is by far much worse on the Standard PS4, but still very prominent on the Pro.

Starting the console in Safe Mode and Rebuilding the Database has made little or no difference. I also have an SSD fitted in the Pro but this has no real impact.

What’s worse and please correct me if I’m wrong is that the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions do not appear to have any real issues in terms of performance. I get the feeling that development on the PS4 versions was a late addition.

It would be nice to see a response from a community manager to at least let us know that this issue is being looked into. I get the impression that these comments may fall on deaf ears.

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No dont redownload just start a new game. But if it did not help then you can download your save file.

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