Singleplayer needs a no-cheat mode


Stellaris knows. So does X4: Foundations and many other specifically singleplayer games, who know where the fun is at for introverts.

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I kinda wondered at the ability to unlock Steam achievements in “cheat mode” in Conan Exiles, too. Of course, there’s one achievement you cannot unlock in Solo mode. (But many games with both solo and online modes have achievements related to online play, which sort of annoys me.)

The thing with Conan Exiles is that it’s, well, a little buggy. Although I’m willing to suffer the consequences of my own decisions, actions and poor judgement (which has resulted in me tearing down half of a black ice castle and rebuild it without item spawning or harvest multipliers), when a bug in the game gets me stuck in a dungeon or evaporates items/thralls, I’m somewhat more likely to use admin commands to fix the situation. So even if “Ironman mode” was available I’d probably not dare use it.

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I think Ironman or no-cheat modes are better reserved for games where working is the rule, rather than the exception. In a game like this where it is almost a foregone conclusion that every login will involve at least one frustrating ‘wtf game’ moment, I don’t know how helpful it would be.

Over its lifetime CE has been - and is - more than a little buggy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game - wouldn’t have spent this many hours on it otherwise (and gotten all the DLC though for me my limited gaming hours are way more precious than a few dollars).

That said, most players already play in what you could call an ironman mode, albeit not of the singleplayer variety: playing solo on online officials. IE, no admin, no reverting to previous saves, no cheating available*. Though lately my server has been depopulated to the point it feels like a singleplayer game whenever I log on.

So to summarize, I support this suggestion, because: why not.

Though it is perhaps worth discussing whether all uses of the admin panel or console constitute “cheating”. It certainly does itself no favors by attaching that label to using the admin panel, and then suggesting people use it to tune the game to their preference. A lot of people will understandable be turned off by being told to “cheat” - and for all that I want to say that the Admin Panel isn’t cheating, the game itself labels it so.

*Okay I know people find ways around that but I never made use of them myself.

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