Singleplayer/PvE Post-Update 38

It seems as though singleplayer has been entirely ruined by this past update due to the movement nerf. I can understand why this may be helpful towards PvP with people running away and such, but why ruin the gameplay for Singleplayer/Solo-Duo PvE?

I don’t consider myself at all skilled at this game, however, after many hours of playtime I had finally managed to teach myself how to solo bosses such as the King Scorpion, the Red Mother, and the Wine Cellar boss through the dodge mechanic, but now all that is completely useless. “Use a shield” is a common message I’ve come across while reading about this change, however, having to switch out weaponry constantly ruins the original idea of choosing your own playstyle and adds an unnecessary challenge to this game. I liked the idea of being able to roam the map and choose to take on bosses while experimenting and refining your own playstyle - this is gone now as you have to either bring a thrall with you to tank the damage while you poke and prod at the boss, or, like previously stated, modify your fighting style to combat the boss (or the long-known sit on a rock with snake arrows strategy, which provides exactly ZERO entertainment). I didn’t play this game for hundreds of hours for it’s difficulty, nor Dark Souls-esque combat, I played it because it was a fun and mostly casual survival game with entertaining mechanics and so much to explore. Having to modify my playstyle as stated previously diminishes the entertainment of the boss fights in Conan.

The new acceleration mechanics seemed like an interesting improvement at first, but this was immediately countered by it’s implications. Any obstacle you come into contact with immediately saps all of your velocity causing you to have to proceed through the painstakingly slow acceleration again. This is immensely detrimental to those who have spent the time to decorate the interiors of their bases (many obstacles that are almost impossible not to run into) and those who don’t wish to micro-manage all of their movement. Another issue presented by this change is implications with the climbing mechanic, it is much more difficult and complicated to traverse down walls by latching on to them in order to stop your fall, something of which I use heavily to save otherwise wasteful time during my Singeplayer playthrough. This change may be a step towards realism, which I would usually whole-heatedly support, however, this nerf does much more damage than it does improvement. SCUM tried the intense realism approach and look where it got them…

I enjoyed the old dodging and movement system, although I wouldn’t mind a minor nerf to it to encourage more skillful playing and add a bit more of a challenge to enemies, however, nerfing it into oblivion ruins it for those who actually enjoyed the mechanic (60% of the playerbase according to the polls). For singleplayer, it is now entirely unplayable in my eyes and I probably wont be stepping back into this game unless it is either reverted or lessened to the point of being playable. It may provide major improvements for some PvP players, however, for Singeplayer/PvE players like myself, it demolishes the previously established allure and entertainment of the game.

A little side note: I honestly just wrote this because I felt like just condensing most of the arguments I saw into a single post. Also, I don’t think as strongly about it as it may seem in my writing as I haven’t had much of an urge to play this game recently, even excluding this previous major patch. Contrary to what I previously said, I will probably end up stepping back into this game eventually to finish up my playthrough even without any future changes.

I am confused, are you polling for the movement system or the dodge mechanics?

The team already made a community poll addressing this issue just after its release and already made changes. I would encourage you to check if your issue as already been discussed before opening a topic.

Poll is for personal use, as stated above. I’ll remove it since it is causing misunderstandings.

Both, I should have worded it better.

If I remember it correctly they said in a stream that they would add an admin option to switch between the old and new movement/dodge system for singleplayer or private servers :slight_smile:

Ah, I don’t watch the dev streams myself, pardon me for that. Was there any news on when they’d implement that?

Nope they just mentioned it in the stream after mounts update, I am guessing perhaps the next update

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