Sinkhole portal

You know what would be REALLY nice? If you made it so your thrall appeared behind you instead of falling to their death when you port to the sinkhole. I just lost a named thrall with Flawless Khitan gear and a Jedias Lightsaber. I consider this a glitch and it should be fixed. It is ridiculous that you should have to worry about your follower falling into a pit because he appears in a spot that is right next to you, which is designated by the game and have him fall somewhere that you can’t readily get to because you have to walk all the way to the entrance of the Arena and fight your way to your follower’s body only to find that it’s already disappeared! I find so many flaws in this game and while I am mildly obsessed with it, every time something unbelievably impossible happens, I want to quit playing.

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I wonder if I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve teleported to the Sinkhole obelisk many times with a follower, and I’ve never lost my follower to the gaping pit (even though I have been a little worried about the possibility).

You know, it’s not a bad idea, asking the obelisk to be nudged a little farther from the pit, but your request doesn’t need to be accompanied by generic complaining and threats to quit the game - a good idea has merit on its own, whereas a bad idea wouldn’t be made better by extra negativity.


I have to say that if I hated a game enough to leave because a thrall dies or I was facing the wrong way when I activated a portal leading to a thrall taking a leap of faith, so to speak, then I would move on really quick to another game.

Quit a game because of a thrall loss? Well, the other day I was chased back to Base by a pack of wolves. My thralls stepped up and several got sushied, including a named thrall. Boo Hoo. :rofl:

And when griefers infiltrated the server and made it unplayable with all the massive builds and the Admins had to wipe the server, I lost a complete dual base and months of thrall and pets. I still play on that server.

Sinkhole is my home obelisk and I have teleported there with a thrall or pet in tow at least a dozen times a day for several months. Can’t say the thrall or I have ever fallen in by accident.

Now Dragonmouth on the other hand, thralls seem to treat that like they’re doing a cannonball into a swimming pool…

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I’ve ported into the sinkhole a lot with thralls and pets in tow. Never had one fall to its death as you described. I would however agree that moving it slightly away from the hole would reduce the puker factor when you find yourself peering into it after spawning in. I’ve lost a lot of names thralls to odd things in the game. I simply go farm another one.

I have also had an issue with ping leaps where I lost a named thrall in the Dregs in the acid and I died there and lost all my armor and items and had to basically start all over again. This is not a threat to quit, it is a statement about how it makes me want to quit.

I understand that a lot of people don’t care for negativity, but I am a realist. When I have something negative happen I respond positively, the second time, much less positively, the third time I just give the hell up and go home. No one expects you to respond to everyone’s post and if you don’t like it, you can pass it up.

I don’t apologize for the way I typed this, as a matter of fact I toned it down from what I wanted to say because I didn’t want to make anyone mad. Unfortunately I have had many bad things in this game (skeletons walking through my front door and killing me, monsters following me from very far away all the way to my home, glitches forcing me to kill my character and having to run back, etc.)

Again, I was not threatening to quit I was saying it makes me want to. I don’t threaten.

I just stop using them… more so stop gearing them up. -_-’
I’d say there “fall damage death” ratio is 95% for me… most of them don’t last longer then few hours.

Ahh I found this guy to be an absolute tank with the gear he had on. He was tanking bosses for me. But that legendary sword that he had that I lost when he died…that killed me a little inside.

Ya, few of them with good health and armor can hold a boss while you play whacky whack thats for sure!
Even one of average ones with 2400 health have good uses. =D

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