Sinners cave make the Computer Freez and stop responding

  • Game mode Official

  • Game type PvE

  • TestLive client

  • Detailed information of the occurrence: The game frezes and vont start once agian evrey time i enter inside of the sinners cave. after i get back in to the game i can be at the same spot or i am naked in the starting area even if i have beed roll and beed to spawn at some times even all my gear and evrey thing at my death locaktion is gone even if i am back in game after 30 sec

  • Hardware info Cpu: i7 4.0 ghz
    Ram: 16gb
    Gpu: Gforce gtx 1080
    Monitor: Asus 24" LED VG248QE (main)
    Mouse: steelseries rival 300
    Mousepad: ASUS Cerberus Mat XXL
    Keyboard: Steelseries APX GAMING
    Headset: HyperX Cloud II
    Webcam: Logitech C920

  • Connection info Wired Fiber 100/100

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