Siptah being ignored?

Can you say what one?

If I’m mistaken, it will be the one up in the North x Northwest side.

That would depend on what you mean by “expand”. If you refer to adding additional biomes then no, there will no further additions to either map. But both will continue to receive new story driven by each Age, POIs and quite possibly dungeons as time progresses.

No it is continuing full steam ahead. And to reiterate what I said earlier:

The Exiled Lands is the base game, it should take precedence over the DLC expansion. ALL players own the base game, but not everyone owns the expansion. IoS is getting everything the EL is except the area Met Kamoses sends us to.

No it does not! I pointed this out to you earlier in the thread in a post which you replied to, and now @erjoh has had to reiterate. So I shall again also:


which means that yes Siptah is in fact being ignored if they refuse to add more islands with content to explore. This is the same bull they played with age of conan. Which in fact does mean that it is in fact going nowhere. A game with no ability to grow and progress is a dead game which is why most of the servers remain empty.

You do realize you just agreed with yourself, right?..

It’s clear you have some “old grudge” based on AoC that you’re desperately trying to project on to things and you’re unable to be objective about this :man_shrugging:

So I too agree with Codemage when he pointed this out above:

Your request doesn’t even make sense… Why would they add more islands to Siptah?.. It’s an already released DLC… It’s not a separate game or even an active one… it’s a done and finished DLC.

Typically game companies don’t make any changes to DLC they already released, unless it’s some crucial bugfix, but they almost never add content, so it’s completely normal.
And yes, it’s unfortunate that we can’t travel back and forth in which case this wouldn’t be an issue for you (I hope… ) but many other games have DLC that you play different stories with a different character from the main menu and you cannot access your normal game during that…

So as it stands, they already accommodated that map way more than what was expected of them (by people who understand the concept of a DLC ofc), and they keep accommodating it for the new stuff as well. I’m sure they’ll have a mini story there as well to explain how the blood crystals got there etc.

The game is progressing?.. A non-progressing games wouldn’t have NEW CHAPTERS now would it? :man_facepalming:

You know what… you’re starting to sound like the Denethor dude :joy:
Ignoring facts and just repeating your doom and gloom mantra
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If the servers were empty, you wouldn’t have thousands of people complaining today about an outage now would you?


Hey, hey, don’t do my boy Denethor dirty like that, okay? He at least has an excuse of having been manipulated by Sauron into seeing only what Sauron wished him to see in the Palantir, which drove him to despair. (Just one of many reasons why LotR movies might have been good movies but are a shіtty book adaptation…)

So even Denethor was basing his doom and gloom on some actual facts, unlike Mr. Teach-Funcom-To-Code-Better here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This one hopes the new event zone is something about the size of Jhebbal Sag dungeon, or perhaps a bit smaller.

There are numerous easy places to place a portal on Siptah. But we do not know yet.

To the over arching argument, this one mildly disagrees that Siptah is a finished DLC.
Unlike every other DLC and Monetization for the game, it is also a map for play.
Is it the main game?
Is it a full map for play that does not require a character to ever set foot in the Exiled Lands, thus an alternative (rather than addition) to the first map?
Yes… ish

In many ways, Siptah seems to have been conceived as a post game, PvP focused zone. In short order before it was released, that was altered.

If it were a post game expansion, or if server transfers were up, it would matter significantly less to this one. But it’s not. Even if it was intended to be initially.

Why keep developing it?
To keep selling it. If the game isn’t sunsetting, it needs have a growing payer base. New players won’t already have all the DLCs. Buying in to a different oubliette, knowing that it will never see more growth is questionable.
Especially in as incomplete a state as Siptah is.
Which is a shame, because it gets so much right… that the missing elements hurt all the more.

If server transfers were up, this one would be significantly more ambivalent about the matter.

This one does note that not everything on one map need be on both maps (altho the Exiled Lands end game gear could probably use a bump up to be comparable to Vault gear, this one is particularly fond of enhancing and expanding Khari gear to be closer to Vault tier, and Obsidian to be closer to Grey Ones gear, considering how annoying they are to craft).

Also, to note, they have included the events of the Age so far. Even if not in the fully fleshed form, so this one isn’t reaching for pitchforks and torches because Mek’Amoses hasn’t magically appeared on the island. Honestly, his presence would be more immersion breaking than anything else.

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No what I have a grudge with is supposed professional development teams doing a piss poor job. How long before they fail Dune and move along to the next game. I love CE however all the issues stem from poor development and quality of work. The game may have better under a proper dev team that isn’t afraid to upgrade systems. Unreal is on what version 15 or 16 now yet they still use outdated tech.

Um, excuse me, but do you have any idea what it means to go through an engine upgrade? Especially after the version you’re using has been customized for your software?

It ain’t anywhere near as simple and easy as running Windows Update. In many cases, including this one, you’re practically talking about starting over from scratch.


Do you really think that he would be writing all this stuff – and conveniently ignoring anything he can’t think of how to reply to – if he had a clue? :smiley:


So now the issue has been expanded to encompass Age of Conan, which version of engine the game utilizes and Dune, which has not even been released. Yes, yes we know…‘Funcom bad, they don’t care’. Hate to burst your bubble, but you have not been done an injustice. At this point your behaviour and responses are analogous to a child having a tantrum because they are not getting their way.


have not seen anything myself but then again I cant even log in right now.

Yeah, that authentication fail thing is causing mayhem and insanity for a lot of people.
Maybe once this mess gets sorted out and some resemblance of life returns to quasi-normal, you might be able to check it out. In the meantime, I’ll look up an online map and find the specific name of that layshrine.

Man, if you want to see some tantrums… go take a look at the meltdown on the Steam Forums.

and the game is using… 4… which is heavily modified because they were already doing things before the engine caught up… so can’t be upgraded to 5 without starting from scratch cuz of all the custom code in the engine itself… :man_shrugging:


And not just any 4. It’s 4.15, whereas the last UE4 version is 4.27, which makes the suggestions to “upgrade” Conan Exiles to UE5 nothing more than wishful thinking.

Funny thing is that all of this information is publicly available and easy to find. So when you have someone claim that Funcom devs are incompetent and they don’t know what they’re doing in the same breath as saying that UE is on version “15 or 16”, it really makes you wonder why anyone should listen to them :wink:


I apologize about the leyshrine location where it was activating all by itself.
It’s definitely the Serpent, but it’s location is near center north. Not N x NW.

I honestly believe the thing which is at the root of the majority of problems
is actually the database manager they chose to use.
It’s considered the fastest on the market, but the limitation to how much it can actually handle and how that data is handled is what cripples it and the game. It wasn’t meant for this much overload.
SQLite3 was meant for mobile apps and CE has been using it since the beginning.
If they’ve turned to something else at some point in time, I’m not aware of it.
If I’m wrong, please accept my apologies.

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They haven’t. The game database is still SQLite.

My friend, there actually is Giant King ruins on Siptah, all over the west side of the main isle and some along the upper part of the smaller south islands. There is also a butt load of lore stones and what not with ties to Exiles. Perhaps they are loosley tied, since I dont have the siptah lore handy. Not to mention the surges are a direct connection between the 2 maps. You look up in the skynado and see exiles :slight_smile:

Would be better if transfers were working. But Im just gunna play the story out on an exiles server and that will make me happy enough.