Siptah : Dungeons (vaults) are too easy at level 60 - Revamp?

I hope that Our Diskussion to remain civilized from my side.

I go through so many aloe because of time, i do not like at All spending unnecesary time in Fights. I have good weapons, Good armor, so i can easily Charge into a Group or 3-4-5 npcs without dieing, but i come out of it quite messed up, so i need healing before rushing in the next Group.

Thats why i use aloe so much, not because i find things challenging. I play for 2 to 3 hours daily and if i spend 1 hour inside a vault (which at the end just trows some eldarium at me, since Early oct’20 i Do vaults and barely saw scrolls/recipes drop) then thats already half of my gametime for the Day.

I replied to you 2 because one of you want this, the other one that, not because i have something against what you chatted togwther. How about we All choose “fun” as a Common playground?

I Do not wish for the devs to mess up With things that are already working.

I just want to have fun in this game.

Only if :slight_smile:

A little late to this discussion, but I was also wondering about the numbers from OP, and seeing the video where he only has 10 points in encumbrance and yet he is wearing heavy pictish armor with almost no weight effect.
OP clearly had some changes to several settings in his game, there is no way in hell that any of this is possible on an official server with vanilla settings, not even with the best gear.
I do agree though that most of the vaults aren’t that hard, but are they supposed to extremely tough?
Aren’t they more meant to be a place to explore and harvest eldarium with some challenge?

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