Siptah & Funcom Live Services

I’m considering purchasing the Siptah DLC. There is one issue I need clarification for. hades the author of the offline mod said that the DLC needs to connect to the FLS each time you play it. My question is whether this is necessary only if you want to play on the new map or can you still use all the other content (items, cosmetics etc.) without this online check on the Exiled Lands map? If I cannot use Siptah content without an online connection I will not buy it.

You may be more likely to get the information you want from the mod author, or the comments on the mod’s page in the workshop - as far as I’m aware that mod is the only way to play offline at all. You might get lucky and find someone on here that uses the mod and knows the answer, so I’m definitely not saying you’re asking in the wrong place, just that you might have a better chance there.


You can’t access any DLC content if you use the offline mod. If you are not connected to FLS you can only use what is in the base game. Nothing marked with a green arrow in your feats will be accessible.


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