Siptah - Have you found Rip and Tear? If so, where?

I figured I’d just ask the question directly. Has anyone found Rip and Tear, and if so, can you remember where they dropped from? Vault? Vault Boss? Specific world boss?

I’m currently hunting these, among others, to try them out.

Bonus Question: What would in your opinion be good PvE daggers to go for (if any?) I’ve tried several now, including Diseased Knives and Acidic Knives, and both seem simply lacking. I havnt noticed Acidic doing anything appreciable what so ever (be it damage or supposed armor reduction, not to mention it falls off in just a couple seconds), and Disease is such a small DoT that it may as well not even exist. I’d look at crafting a different set, but they all seem to be mostly identical (18% 44 damage, no additional ‘effect’) and I dont want to waste resources crafting something that I’m not going to ever use.

Or should I just abandon the notion of PvE daggers all together? They seem to have an atrocious time hitting things and just sub-par in general. The best I’ve seen do a reported 175 DPS after damage mod, but they miss so much it’s effectively half that. Even when I’m right up against something, I’ll swing and my whole arm goes through them and it just wiffs, even on larger enemies. On the flip side, Mace and Greatsword are perfectly consistent. I just really like the dodge Daggers give, and the overall mobility of them (I always prefer mobility based melee combat wherever possible) and the idea of a DoT based fighter was really appealing, but a lot of other weapons seem to usurp that notion.

One of the 3 golden bosses around the tower. I don’t remember which one though:


Interesting. I havnt spent too much time around the tower, but I dont recall any bosses, nor does the interactive map show any there. Is there something you have to do to spawn them, or are they just wandering?

The screenshot above is from the interactive map and they are always there unless they were killed by someone.

Ah yes, you’re right. Not sure how I missed it when I was looking at it last night, perhaps had the wrong thing ticked.

That said, I’ve found the lower two bosses, but cant seem to locate the third. It appears to be up on the accursed base (if it follows the pattern of the other 2) but I cant seem to locate it, and it’s certainly not below it on the ground. Any advice? I just want to run them in a loop until I get the weapon i’m after.

Nevermind, I did end up finding the 3rd one. It’s not quite where it says it is on the map, and is actually in a very awkward kinda not obvious spot.

… Now the farming begins. I’ve already killed each 3+ times with no luck, though I’m convinced they can drop stuff as I’ve gotten a legendary repair kit (not something I find you get on things that cant drop other loot)

This is only works in pve-c and pvp as npcs except thralls have no armor just armor value because their armor and weapons except for combo attacks is just decorative on them hope that helps

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