Siptah: I just had the most unlikely experience

While I began raiding the place of The Bastard, I ran across a wild wolf who of course went hostile on me. But instead of killing it, I blocked it a few times with my shield and made a run for it through the camp, slicing and dicing my way along with this wild wolf in tow.
Oddly, to my surprise, this wolf began attacking the Black Corsairs instead of chasing me.
Seizing upon an opportunity that I couldn’t let go to waste, I jumped into the fray and started helping the wolf.
After each kill, the wolf would head off to the next Black Corsair and start chewing on it, and there i was right along side helping. Together, we must have wiped out more than half of that camp until a miscalculated swing of my sword ended the wolf’s life. DAMN.
I paused in silence for a moment and grieved for the loss of my unexpected friend in those fights. I took it’s pelt (not wanting it to just lay there) back home with me and placed it in my large chest. I’ll probably use its pelt to make a new bed now.
Just to keep it close for sentimental reasons.


That is the thing about this game you find friends in the most unlikely places.

That’s actually a surprisingly heartfelt story!