Siptah LATAM server issues (6300-6308)

Some servers are online but #6307 Official offline again.

Please guys whats going on lately?

Give us some info…

Se tiver administrador do Conan Exiles , por favor olhar server 6308 o alguém envie o aviso que servidor caiu ontem a noite e ficou bom período off line e agora está também deis das 8 horas da manha desse domingo. ele começa a ficar instável travando e dando saltos tele portes e depois cai fica off longos períodos.

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If you have Conan Exiles administrator, please look server 6308 or send the warning that server crashed last night and got good period off line and now is also deis of 8 o’clock in the morning of that Sunday. it starts to get unstable crashing and jumping teleports and then falls off long periods.

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Hey there,

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I was playing on the siphta servers a few days ago, but today when I went to login to the server it didn’t appear anymore, and no server from the island of siphta is appearing in the server list

[PvP: (Online official)]
Type of issue: [Crash | Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP]
Region: [Latin America]

I would like to know why the 6301 server crashed and when it comes back, I have been trying for two days to know just the REASON and I can’t find it anywhere … could they have the decency to give some news about it? this is total lack of respect with the consumer

Hey everybody,

We merged all messages regarding this situation into this one.
All Siptah LATAM servers were hit by DDoS attacks over the weekend. G-Portal has worked on improving their network attack protection on that datacenter, which should be showing its results today.
Apologies for the frustration.


server 6306 just crashed.

Server #6307 crashed today too!!!

The server took me down.
both are troubled
6305 PVE-C and 1977 PVE-C

The others are regular. (Currently playing in 1999 and 6306)

Note: 1977 PVE-C (locking and slow to load doors and objects “15 minutes”)
Grade: 6305 PVE-C (Offline and kicking me)

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Hello Ignasis,

Looking that a lot of servers (SIPTAH and Exiled Lands) under heavy lag again…

We hoped that new 2.1 update (Hotfix) would fix that DDoS issue for us…aparently not.

This time we see that all over the globe the G-Portal servers (at least for FUNNYCON servers) get heavy DDoS attack on weekends.

Is this just coincidence? I dont think so…

Look that people keep leaving the game due to those problems (they just want to have fun on weekends and i cant blame them).

Its just sad cause slowly the game is dying…and FUNNYCOM should be the first to fix this if you want to keep running this show.

Please tell FUNNYCON board that this will FOR SHURE impact on future profit report.

Best Regards,


(Since the name of the company is censured i had to change it a little bit…lol)

Do you mean all the Public Test Servers? I think they are the process of being set up. We didn’t have TestLive Server for Siptah and now it seems that we have 2 of them. It may explain why these public test servers are currently “unavailable”.

if you look closely you will see a lot of main servers 200 (edited) and up lag…

My main server (#6307 - SIPTAH PVE) is not test also.

I look closely at the screenshot and I don’t see 800+ ping. I see the age being 800+ but your 2 servers have ping 244 and 272.

Even if it is 200+, since the max ping threeshold to log is 200 none could log anyway…

But let me put another picture.

#1979 - Ping 9999
#1978 - Ping 1088
#6300 - Ping 656
#6306 - Ping 594

and so on…

None of them working properly

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hi, 6302 LATAM same problem, cant play. :sob:
The service has been malfunctioning for many days. It is very frustrating that one day it works well and the next day it does not.

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alouuu someone to help or at least say that it is being solved or are we really adrift?
All Latan Server under attack DDOs …

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We are still running so much lag on Latin America servers that most of the time we just cant play the game anymore.

Sometimes we cant even log in on servers due to PING higher than 200ms.

What about G-Portal, isnt they fixing this or should we just give up on Conan Exiles?

Please help us…

Hi, already 1 week of LATAM siptah under either being down or heavy LAG, every single day during raid times.

Can someone answer what the hell is going on?.


@Ignasi, Siptah Sever 6304 is lagging so bad. It’s been a week that we are facing this issue in the server and nothing was done so far by Funcom Technical Support Team. The lag is getting worse and you see your character rolling back all the time. You move three steps ahead and instantly you are back two steps behind. It looks like a force pulling you back.

Please check what is going on… this is really frustrating and I’m starting to question the competency of Funcom to support their own games.


how to play and keep the weekly pace at conan exile on official siptah server if you walk forward and take 10 steps back because of roll back? how to raid how to play a god like you do? you hit stone is worse than doing pvp against player … the stones don’t break we are over 15 days with this problem in conan exile and you are not paying attention to solve it!
when other games come out and people migrate to you and you will pay attention … but it will be too late … newworld is next! we like conan exile but how do you play?