Siptah purges?!

So, not quite sure who the devs were listening to when they said, “You know what would be a fun idea? Let’s take the most hated game mechanic from Conan Exiles and roll it out to Siptah!” I only play PvE, so maybe it’s different on PvP, and I understand that from the FUNCOM perspective, PvP is where the money is at, I get it.

Having played conan for almost a year, then jumping into Siptah was a choice of necessity. I love the sandbox nature of the game, and love the community, but I’m a builder. After having my base consistently destroyed by teleporting purges, I was ready to end my experience with Conan. Then you introduced Siptah and I was a very happy human.

Now, after reading the devs notes on the upcoming changes I’m left wondering why I gave FUNCOM more of my money. With the proposed changes, you may as well have just added Siptah to Exiles as a map expansion and saved all the trouble.

Granted, I’m not privy to the behind the scenes business side of it and I know FUNCOM spent loads of money in development and advertising for Siptah. I play a lot and only on official servers, and in the past few weeks I’ve noticed a severe drop in players, but it’s recovering. So if the Siptah business model isn’t working, is the ONLY answer to make it into a bastardized child of the two?

I was more than willing to take the difficulties of obtaining thralls as a balance of having no purge. I feel that in that regard, Siptah is superior to Exiles. I’m mean after all, each of us become support characters to our named thralls in Exiles. And in Exiles, if you build to big, you’ll spend the vast majority of your time training thralls to fight the inevitable purge that is heading your way. It is an endless cycle that gets mundane very quickly.

So my question then becomes what purpose does a purge fulfill? It was a major selling point for me and others to join into this prerelease to have a purgeless version of Conan. I know some players will point out ridiculous builds that hinder others from building or enjoying the map, and it happens. But that is what admins are for.

And let’s not be coy here FUNCOM. We’ve had a very messed up purge system on Exiles for years with lots of promises to fix it. What did you do instead? You focused your resources on a completely different gaming experience that was nothing like Exiles and it was great.

If purges become a part of Siptah, me and others are pulling our Exiles bracelets for good.

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Coming from someone who plays only singleplayer, the purge satisfies the need for end-game PVE content on Siptah. The maelstrom currently is simply a means to an end. You must fight in maelstrom to Summon a surge to get better thralls. Why? To fight do the same loop over ad infinitum. :face_vomiting:

I’m level 101 and finally getting my main base started. I have less than 30 Unstable ??? so far. As I look at the unenviable grind for more Unstable ??? just to summon my first surge, I’ve kept asking myself, “what is the point of continuing, even if I eventually get some T4 fighter thralls?”

Funcom has now answered my hopes and needs. The purge will give me a use for high tier, high level thralls in base defense.

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That only satisfies half, as the crafters are almost not needed anymore with the new stations.

for u maybe the purge is not wanted (and if u do a casual search you can find alternative ways of avoiding it other than just control the meter by playtime) , but for me (pve player here) purge is great… its not the thralls u can get (used to be a MUST, but now its not anymore) , but it is the potential of players cooperating in officials that makes purge a great mechanic in PVE (as the same potential is on with surges)… i would cooperate for this mechanic with “allied” players or clans in siptah… so yes please … bring on the purge plz


I doubt that purges are the most hated mechanic in Conan Exiles. Personally, I like them and would like to see that concept expanded.


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