Siptah Reborn RP - [PC] RP/PVP [5x XP/Harvest - 300 Lvl - Modded]

Three Amigos - Siptah Reborn

Type: Light RP/PVP * Voice based RP

Age Requirement: 18+ (see our Discord for further rules)

Map: Isle of Siptah

Server location: NA Central

We are Twitch TOS Compliant.

Three Amigos has a light/optional RP server where you can play and RP on the new Isle of Siptah map for Conan Exiles. We follow Conan lore, with some serious RP but also like to keep it lighthearted and fun for all. RP is optional, so there will be some not roleplaying, but most of our community is into RP. There is a fantasy aspect to our RP as well with the mods used. We are here to foster a community; we welcome all players - those experienced in RP, players who want to learn RP, or players who want to come and enjoy a fun Conan experience.


  • Max level 300
  • XP and Harvest rates: 5x
  • Welcome kits: Level 60 boost, Emotes, Tools Starter Pack
  • Daily reward kits
  • Brand new outpost with vendors and a tavern

Check out the link below for the current mod list:

See our discord for info on how to join the server, along with server rules: