Siptah Undermesh on N7 and F12

Two undermesh spots found on Siptah in N7 and F12 in Official 6152. Two clans named Club of Gods and F***ing Boys are using this exploit to harass the server. Although, my clan has been fighting valiantly to repel them, I’m extremely peeved that Funcom failed on their promise of no more undermesh.

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They have the attitude “funcom doesnt ban us no matter what we do”, running around laughing at the company in chat.


Fight goes on I guess.

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You should report them. The procedure for reporting infractions is described in the official server rules:

Good luck :+1:


Report already several times :slight_smile:

Seems like they are right about “funcom doesnt ban us no matter what we do"


I have caught them coming out of the mesh and sent this to Funcom… still no action.

I am fed up tbh… its almost a year or so of this crap and no matter how hard you to try to do the right thing ingame, you always seem to have the odds stacked against you. In Oceania we’ve had all but one server now wiped of this same tribe of cheaters. We’ve all appealed to funcom to intervene but were’ told 1000’s of servers and queue issues.

Ok, lets be realistic there are about 120 actual active Official Servers at the moment, and last time i did a quick median average count of them all it was aroun 300 players world wide.

How big is this actual queue?

I went through a few servers looking at N7 for undermesh, and its not all, but many have it. Always in the same spots. Really though theres mot many actual pvp Siptah servers in total. Its a clear issue, If I can manually go through several in 15minutes it wouldn’t take funcom long to address the issue. The same groups are doing it, just ban them and be done with it. The small amount of work vs losing your player base would be worth it.

Some more evidence. Here’s a vault poking out of the ground, its how they move items up and down. *edited the name because nobody wants to read that.

So we managed to evict them from their first and second mesh spot but tonight they found the one spot i had hoped wasn’t able to be used. C10 hole.

This is us fighting them. Honeslty its a fail win situation in the end, as all you can do is blow up their above ground blocks and wait for Funcom who will never show.

It’s utter disgraceful that the game has turned into this, i mean there are 4 clans on our server all united to beat them but we can’t win against players who do this. Funcom wont help so most have now despawned, quit the server and playing WoW

Private servers are usually filled with admins who abuse their powers, so everyones not keen to go to a private server. Thats the benefit and only benefit of Public official servers, as they have a neutral party…downside is the neutral party doesn’t want to take any responsiblity for these players.

I may add htis particular clan has now raided and cheated on all of oceania servers, and killed the population each time. I dont really understand why they want to do this, but anyway, they’re about to farm up a storm to raid empty basis.


some reports and funcom dont do nothing, man wtf, maybe this is allowed. wtf funcom, play 6000 hours in our game and u dont do nothing. wtf.
See in the end fo the video the guy " ha ha ha i wait the ban ", hes know, funcom dont do nothing.

Same with our 10 man Chinese meshers… they just laugh it off…

It sucked having to despawn a months worth of loot and work because funcom can’t figure out how to use Admin Console… they give some b.s about queues and team are working on it… here’s a hint… for community support to work, you probably should focus on having a community first to actually support. Then they argue “be respectful” well Funcom… respect is earned not given.

Uninstalling… it was fun Conan… but out.

6152 Club of Gods ,On the hill just North on N7 under the lake, starting to believe it can be done anywhere, not just caves.

And its been almost a week since reported still no action from Funcom…