Siptah wild surge thrall t3 probability spawn rate

Thanks for explaining further. After reading your post, I agree completely. There’s no reason to do the lesser Surges at the wayshrines.


FWIW, last night I tried the live 2.1 update and I managed to get to 3 wild surges before my game froze. Not one of them had any T2 or T3 crafters.

I suspect that what we’re seeing here is either:

  • bugged probabilities in TestLive that have been adjusted before going live, or
  • the usual variance where some people will have crappy luck and some will have extremely good luck

I do agree that there should be a good motivation for summoning T2 and T3 surges, but I’m also not sure I agree that there’s no reason to summon them after this change.

In a wild surge, you get 3 waves: 1, 2 and 5 NPCs. In a summoned surge, I think it’s 7 waves (I don’t remember right now) and it’s something like 12-15 NPCs in each wave.

Sure, you can eventually get everything you need from wild surges, but it might just be simpler and easier to summon surges.

As an anecdote, before the change, I was working on gathering souls to upgrade my religious shrines to T3. From each wild surge, I would get up to 6 souls. Usually fewer, because the game is buggy and the corpses often just disappear (and relogging doesn’t solve that). So, that’s 18 wild surges, in best case, that I have to chase all across the map. And then I said, “screw that, I’ll just spend 50 eldarium to summon a no-chaos surge”. One summoned surge gives me between 40 and 50 souls, and it’s super easy to get them.

So maybe we should give it some time and see the effects of the change?

I did 3 wild surges last night. 1 had only T1s, 1 had T1s and a T2, and the third had T1s, a T2, and a T3. The lower rates were consistent with what others on my server were describing at that time. The rate does seem lower than before hotfixes.

The number of NPCs in a wave for a summoned surge is more like 6-8, not 12-15. I believe 7 is correct, though. However, it’s common at this point for 1/3-1/2 of those waves to be nothing but combat thralls - to include possibly only untamable combat thralls. You’ll also usually get 2 of the crafter slots dedicated to priests - I tested in admin last night for 8 summoned surges (2x T1-T4) and every one had 2 priests.

I’d add that saying there should be a reason to summon T2 & T3 misses that there should also be a reason to summon T1. Right now, the only reason is harvesting essences. Despite having 7 waves, you’ll get as many non-priest crafters from a wild surge. Yes, really. 2 T1s and a T2 or T3 is the norm. For an entire 7-wave summoned surge. Worse still, they haven’t balanced the factions - West uses Relic Hunter Elites that are untamable and tougher than the other directions’ (tamable) combat thralls.

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yup something has happened (been changed) 24h after release, now prob annouced are working, t2 around 10/20% t3 around 5%.

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I did only 2 last night and it was still just T1s for me. I got some crappy luck, it seems :smiley:

I think this might vary depending on the surge tier and choice of altar. I was trying to maximize the number of humans I would get to harvest souls for my shrines, and the best results I got were for 0 chaos, altar of the south. The only non-humans that would spawn were baby animals, the rest were NPCs from the cannibals faction.

Bear in mind, though, that I did those summoned surges before the 2.1 update. I haven’t done any since, because they changed the altar mats from decaying eldarium to hardened steel, so I have to stock up first.

Yeah, my first summoned surge ever was 0 chaos, center altar. Way too many hyenas and untamable NPCs.

I’ve found two t3 armorers so far. I’ve found some others but it’s been hard to pick them up in that big wave of five at the end.

If you have a Lovetap, put a blunt fitting on it and try using that. It makes it easier to knock them all out and then kill those you don’t want :slight_smile:

Practice Great Swords with blunt fittings are even better. Plus they have the best reach/AOE of any subdual weapon.

Also, stocking up on Hardened Steel is fairly easy if you take a bearer and/or mount into Fiends and salvaging all the Hardened Steel weapons the skellies drop.

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Dude, thanks! I can’t wait to try that :smiley:

haha was not knowing this trick too, will give a try :slight_smile:

Be aware those swords do more damage than Lovetap, so if your strength is too high you might kill T4 thralls before you knock them out. Thralls under T4 get KO’d fast enough that this won’t be an issue, though; if you’re mid-Str, every thrall (even T4s) I’ve tried it on gets KO’d before dying. There’s a much lower margin of error, though, and I’d not recommend putting them on thralls.

While Practice Swords are good, Blunted Daggers are absolute trash.

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Okay, so use it when I’m specced out for farming, and use Lovetap when I’m specced out for combat (40 str). Thanks for the info!

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