Siptah's Journal #12 is inaccessible in official server. Foundations are the problem. Quest uncompleted?

Good Evening.

Atm I’m playing in Official server #7003 PvE - g - portal. com and in location o 8 there is Siptah’s Journal #12 but is inaccessible because foundation of a player block the click. Can we do something or I lost forever the quest to find all the Journals? Thanks for any idea, answer and solution (if is possible). I’m in a pve server so I can’t use anything to destroy the foundation unfortunately. :frowning:

You have a few options

1 Message them asking to move it is probably the best option and make sure to remind Them blocking content is against the law and punishable by crom

2 just report them and watch their hard work go to waste just so you can read a journal.

3 accept its not the end of the world and move on in hopes of not further loosing more players in this flawed game.

Good luck

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