Siptahs overall growth

I have been playing on the Island of Siptah faithfully since launch and I can honestly say that I am thoroughly impressed with what I’ve seen and how much the game has grown into what its become today. Patch 2.4 has definitely exceeded all of my expectations. The starry nights are incredible and could be comparable to Disney’s Alladin sky in “A whole new world”. Its a work of art really. Brights are much brighter, darks are much darker. And the island of dusk is giving me an experience I didn’t even know that I was craving from Conan Exiles. Absolutely fantastic job guys and please keep up the good work. :sunglasses:


Let me accompagne you to congratz the artists. The work done on siptah is very good, i am yet impressed by the discover of the three new biomes. The artists can be proud of them! Good job

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Yes, I have to say I’m impressed by the new biomes too, with all the small cliffs, valleys, nooks and crannies as well as the sounds, light level and different feeling of them. I wasn’t expecting as much or to feel so immersed in the environment. Nicely done.

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Yes, the new lands in spitah are very cool and they did a really nice job with the lighting , but i didn’t liked the ponds in the floodlands, they are just plain land with a bit of water over them, would be nicer if there was some depth in those places, they feel like empty space.

Totally agree to the OP and cheers to the artistic / environment design teams ! Siptah is wonderful now :smile_cat:

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I was indeed a bit underwhelmed when I saw the map, but actually exploring it is something completely different. Hours and hours of content there. It’s a bit rough around the edges (odd low res textures here and there, some holes where they didn’t fit the objects properly) but I’m sure they’ll further fine tune it. Also I wouldn’t call the center region a separate one, it’s really more of a border between the two.

However, the west side is just… wow. Here’s a beauty of a screenie taken there (great spot for screenshots at different times of day, subtle difference but so much mood…)

It really looks like a Caspar David Friedrich painting. Many many many kudos to the dev who worked on this spot!


Or this one… Closer, not the same distant cold feeling, but omg the mood :slight_smile:

I felt a little like this when I saw it. They might have imagined it was balancing a bit of (nicely) congestive land design nearby, some players prefer open flat land design for building, however a few more oasis style plots of tress would have been nice. Also knowing some players penchant for walling/sealing off entire lakes I worried somewhat. then lo and behold:

I thought that was more of a spacer too.

Thats a server thing utterly stupid and ridiculous ofc, luckily no such elbow lickers on my server

interesting points, all accounts except 1 here are less than a year old and there doesn’t seem to be any details about what this amazing thing dev has done.

i have enjoyed isle of Siptah however it is very easy due to easy access to resources. a few interesting vaults and nice looking landscapes.

this latest update is small but solid looking. yet it seems weak and i’m not sure why. we already had an unused island on the south west and north east corner. the suggestion of adding biomes hinted at a mainland as many had hoped, not just 2 little bigger mini islands.

IMO Siptah should be the base game for beginners and EL should be the meat of CE like ARK has the island then the DLCs. but i know it’s design forces people to buy the full game including the DLC which may hold people back due to disk size and cost…

overall growth? OP sounds like a marketing account lol.

I like the new lands too, it really is a piece of art!
Just one thing that bothers me is the sandstone claim spam already :confused:

Can we just use wedges too? So a lakeside base wouldn’t look like a block on a rounded lake? LOL

I also appreciate that they have generally clumped groups of rocks together a lot more now rather than spacing them out so obviously. Much much better.

I apologize in advance…but you sound like a narcissist who may (or may not) have rode around the island once, maybe twice.

The island to the north does have uses - its full of pirate vendors if you take the time to explore it. Small biomes? You know that its the “island” of siptah not the nation of siptah correct?

The new biomes have added hours of content so I cant fathom what you’re expecting. And if you cant see and appreciate the before and after in the sky and the enviorment - again I apologize but you’ve been playing this game blindfolded.

Great job devs there will always be nay-sayers.

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