Siptha's Weapons in Exile

Alou ■■■■■■, I’m doing the events that drop diagram fragments on the exile map, and I’ve already learned how to make some siptha weapons, but it needs ancestry, and now, what’s the point of putting an event in exile by dropping siptha items if you can’t manufacture them ?
Because they don’t release the transfer log or unless they add ancestry in exile.
They could say when (a forecast if this transfer will be opened again), the only thing they say is stay tuned to the forum, so it’s complicated.

If they don’t know when transfers can be re-opened, they can’t very well give us an ETA either.

Eldarium-based recipes on Exiled Lands are kinda annoying. In my opinion, there should be some kind of checklist on the recipes so that Exiled Lands recipe fragments don’t turn into a recipe for which you need a paid DLC to even access - and that only if server transfers actually worked. (And transfers won’t help us Single-Players who have a different character on both maps already.)

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