Six thousand hours under the bracelet

Well, I’m not gonna be a winner with this extreme amount of time…

I’ll be honest: it would have a couple hundreds of hours plus, but it was torrented forst. Then when I truly fell in love with this game, I bought it. It 110% worth the money.

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PS doesn’t keep track of hours? I switched from XB1 to PS4 in October last year.

Across my main XB account and three alts*, I have 3,172 hours. On PS4 I roughly estimate I’ve played an average 1.5 hours a day on weekdays and 3 on weekends for 17 weeks. So including PS4 a little over 3,400 hours as a rough estimate. I wanted to do screenshots before the thread died but the TV is a precious commodity in our house :sweat_smile:

*Just to be clear, my alts are not because I was banned. I am of course a most polite and honourable gamer. Two are strategic alts and one is my “comm channels silenced I want to play by myself no drama” alt.


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