Skeleton pets need a revamp

I was trying to level a few skeleton pets and noticed they need some work. They kind of suck, which is expected but they need way more experience to level up than a thrall does. They could use some tender love and care, maybe the same xp needed to level as a normal thrall and something done with the stats. I placed 15 wrights and 13 were 40% vit, the other 2 46% and all rolled very low Ag and Str…


I think all the pets and such need rework people only use sabres and thralls nothing else makes it boring

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Idk, I use a lot of the others just for fun but the skeles are by far the worst, but would be cool if some got buffed a little

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There are three levels of training difficulty. Undead are in the hardest category, thralls are in all three, depending on faction.

I divided out the difficulties into a table on the wiki so you can see which followers fall into which difficulties.

Yea but the undead are some of the worst companions…so shouldnt probably be the hardest to level

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Well, their brains are pretty decayed…

Some Undead Archers would also be nice.


Agreed…need to make them fast leveling considering what you get…goth skinned hyenas

They do. I was so excited when they came out, but in typical conan fashion, experiencing actually leveling one was quite disappointing.

wich put them on par with pets and thralls.

i love my undead shaleback pet ^^

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