Skills bug after claiming daily login reward

On the RK2019 server, you can claim a daily login reward. After claiming a reward and then closing the window, your character’s skills are bugged. An easy example to see they are bugged is because your max health is higher, yet the surplus health cannot be healed.

This is 100% reproducable, and 100% fixed by manually zoning (e.g. walking through a whompa).

Additional info:

  • Simply closing the window without claiming a reward does not cause the bug.
  • After closing the window after an item was claimed, your character fades in and out visually. This is typically seen when zoning, but no system message is shown indicating you are actually zoning. This partial zoning is likely causing the issue. It would appear that buffs from your equipment and nano’s get added twice. When trying to reproduce this, make sure to not use a naked character with no buffs.
  • To emphasise, I decided to report this as a bug and not an exploit, since the skills are only visually added. The extra skills do not in fact boost your character.

I`ve had the same problem.
But that was fixed in a week

Still a problem for me on both the new and old client.

I had this issue then zoned but now the ACes i got from the daily reward are gone after zoning. Another reward gone.