Skull & Bones Dungeon wars


Skull & Bones Dungeon wars.

4 different warps to get behind the green wall,1 warp to get back into the map(Location:The Sinkhole)
(Type: “/list warps” to see them.)

Build your base behind the green wall but don’t wander to far from the warp location because you may encounter lag issues.

Your base will be safe from raiding!

Anything build within the boundaries of the green wall will be open to raiding 24/7.
(Farming outposts,dungeon blocks,guard towers,fisheries,etc…)

Don’t feel like playing alone?Join one of the 2 clans we have setup for you.

The LBPR-mod allows for building anywhere.Block dungeon entrances to prevend the other clan(s) from going inside or guard towers at strategic locations to harras them while farming.

Guard towers on or near spawn locations/recipe are also allowed.
(Check the rules on discord for what is allowed on how to block an entrance/recipe or spawn location.)

Building damage and PVP is on 24/7.(This way anyone at anytime of day can have fun blowing things up without any restrictions.)

The gather rate looks low but the AOC-mod has farmingtools to increase the gather rate significantly.(±5X)

The idea is to have fun doing PVP and raiding without getting completely wiped.

Once you reach max level your attributes will be boosted(balanced!)and you will get enough feat points to unlock everything.

The reason for this is that you don’t have to respec 5 times a day and you can actually defend yourself while beeing out farming.
(Fighting will come down to skill, the setup of your equipment and choice of potions. (50:str,agil,acc and encumb.30 vit,grit and 20 survival.)

We have a short mod list, created and maintained by active people so we are not down for days after a patch or update.

Pippi - User & Server Management

Amunets Dungeon Assets

Glass Construction and more…

GCam down to 60


The Age of Calamitous(You will be able to get all factions in our server)

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Server Ip and port: IP:



Join Skull&Bones today!


Great server with tons of perks! Also has an active admin who’s very helpful.


Very nice server, players and admin, lots of stuff to explore and get for sure a must try/play server.


The admin is a very dedicated, hard working, supportive and tries to create an unique experience. Also he made me smoller than normal 10/10 xD.
Can recommend the server without hesitation.


Very good server, quite bad admin, come join me to keep server full so admin can’t log in :wink:

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