Skull & bones pvp server recruitment

PVP can be fun for EVERYONE!!

Single players in our server are able to compete with big clans.“How?” We have set up thespians with free building materials,Weapons & Armour.

This way, anyone can recover fast after a raid. Getting wiped out completely is impossible, due to “Special” building pieces that have 1 000.000 Hp.

(Check “Server-Rules” in Discord on how this works.)

We have a 10 tier ranking system with different perks getting unlocked when reaching higher ranks.

(Fly,Warping,Free high tier building,ALL Factions,Unlock all feats,etc…)

Farmers & Builders who never leave their base can have fun in our server.

(You can build as much as you want and it will be safe.)

You want Quests & RP? Fine we are working on it.(Quests where you have to use explosives/trebuchets will be included soon.)

Our server is EU and has a Max ping of 240.(No lagging or glitching players when doing PVP.)

The MOD-list is short for good reasons.Less updates & bugs will make sure you can play.

Admins are very active & have played +10000 houres combined,running servers in different games and know Conan Exiles very well (+4000Hrs).

Join Skull & Bones today!

Server IP & Port: Port: 29015

Discord:Skull & Bones