Skull & Bones PVP without the risk of losing everything

You hear a crackling sound from burning wood…

“Where am I?”

A friendly voice greets you:

“Hello exile, you are in the Cave.There is something i wanna tell you…”




PVP based server in the EU(US players have no connection problems). A short mod-list so we are not down for days after a Patch/Update.

Have you never played conan before or with mods?No problem.We like helping players.

A white flag on your base will indicate you are new, building up and getting ready for WAR!

Do you have a lot of houres in conan and hate levelling up again?Just talk to an admin and in less then 5 min.

You will have gotten supplies, your level got boosted to whatever you want and you are ready for action.

We have a 10 tier ranking system wich allows you to get stronger than normal vanilla.Unlock all feats with free tablets of power.

Flying,warping and free building supplies to recover fast after a raid or simply build a new base right next to your old base to practice your raiding skills.

You can build anywhere on the map, even in a dungeon.

You decide what you want to risk ,because you will gain acces to “Amunets Dungeon Assets” building pieces which are indestructible.

Jump in Discord or watch this movie and get a full tour and complete explanation.

You will see that this server is unique and already has a good playerbase to have fun.Different clans regularly meet up to fight our modified dungeons or regular dungeons.

Join Skull&Bones today!

Server IP for direct connect:

If you type “SKULL&BONES TO WAR” in the server search bar you should see our server pop up.Any trouble connecting?Jump in discord chat and we will help you.

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Great server with tons of perks! Also has an active admin who’s very helpful.

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Very nice server, players and admin, lots of stuff to explore and get for sure a must try/play server.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

The admin is a very dedicated, hard working, supportive and tries to create an unique experience. Also he made me smoller than normal 10/10 xD.
Can recommend the server without hesitation.

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jumping up