SkullDrag - PS4 PvP Server

SkullDrag - A private server where you can enjoy adventures in the world of Conan. Come join us on our PS4 PvP server. SkullDrag is the name of the server as well as the clan. We are a group of people who know each other IRL and intend to stick with this server for some time to come. We are all four avid players at the moment with a good time coverage around the clock. SkullDrag members enjoy helping the community in whatever way it needs. We enjoy PvP and welcome it on our server as well as welcoming cooperative play. Our only rule is no offline base raiding. Everything else goes :smiley: Send me a friend request on WhiteMuhamad. Come join us at SkullDrag.

At the moment we have 20 slots on the server with plans to expand to whatever is necessary. At the moment, the server admins will cover the cost of server upkeep, so all you need to do is enjoy. We can always take donations if you enjoy the server, but are not necessary.