Slaughter RP [RP-PVP] [2x XP 2x Harvest] [NA] [PC]

Hello all, Slaughter RP is looking to grow the player base. There’s only a few clans so there’s a lot of room to grow and spots to take on the map. RP is encouraged and there’s limited rules, allowing for tons of flexibility.

  • We host weekly Events and arena brawls, with awesome prizes!
  • Active Admins
  • Newer server so there is a ton of places still open
  • 40 slot server
  • lots of plans for more community events once player base grows!

Come check it out! NOTE: because of the bug going around right now, it may show up as a PVE server, it’s not, it’s a PVP server idk why it shows up as that.

Heres a link to the discord: BYqkbM9

Direct connect:

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Great server, can’t wait to see it grow

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I love this server it has friendly people and fun events

Come check us out, RP/PVP server!