Slave too strongh

I wanted to tell you one of my thoughts about slaves, apparently they are harmless and not well prepared for combat, but it is enough to set it up with a good or legendary weapon that kills you with one blow. In combat sometimes it happens that when you meet another player and he escapes the slave teleports close to the owner, and if you find yourself near the spawn it happens that you take a sword blow without you noticing, in my opinion it is not a good thing and not even sports, and there are people who do it on purpose what do you think?

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Oh that’s an interesting tactic, using teleport to bring a thrall combatant onto an enemy. Thanks for the informational post, I will remember to avoid falling prey to it.

Don’t tell me you’ve always followed enemy players into the teleporter and never been ambushed and killed before you exit your loading screen :joy:

My friends all laugh at me, I’m so old school I rarely use maprooms. I’m like Bones from Star Trek, refusing to use that dan-blasted thing scatters your molecules all over. :smiley:


The speech was another, then you have a slave, while you run away from an opponent your slave many times instead of running and chasing you teleports, so if he is in combat mode and teleports when your opponent is near this slave will be killed instantly, I hope I have written well and in a way to be understood now.

I believe this is a where you outrange your following thrall while he is fighting and then he/she teleports to you and hits you inadvertently, yes? I can see this happening, as I have taken hits from my own following thrall and wondered what just happened.

The fact is also that to kill them it takes a lot of shots, instead the slaves give you a shot and you’re dead, coherence and budget are far from a match.

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