Slaver increase a time of bending thralls

When I put a Darfari slaver III into a wheel of pain, it increase a time of bendig thralls instead to decrease it.

It decreases the progress bar?

Yes, exactly.

it would be better to use the bug report template

currently there is simply too little information to do anything with it. the first question would be e.g. do you use mods? with the template the question would already be answered, as long as it is filled in correctly.

I already did. Except I forgot MODs, I have a some, AoC and etc.

so you missed the last sentence in the bug report template:

Once you fill out the form, the information prints in a box at the bottom of this post. Please scroll down so you can copy and paste for your own bug report.

you should copy what you have filled out and use it as the basis for your bug report

Sorry, my bad. I didn notice a slider on 10.


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