Slaver's Run Custom Races/Lore/RP+/(e)RP 18+ - Exiled Lands

Slaver’s Run… More than meets the eye

A Server for all sorts of RP/(e)RP.
We offer a fresh server featuring a Slaver/Prey Dynamic that allows people
to easily show themselves as wanting to be taken as a slave, with a sort of 
people that will be looking to track such people down.

We, of course, have another Rank on the server all together for the Citizens,
people that do not wish to partake in the slaver or slave RP, they can take up this 
role, and participate in the stories that will be built in these lands 
just as well.

A quick run down of how this works for the curious, the Nobles 
(Fancy word for slavers.) are on the hunt for Prey (Slaves.), a still free Prey 
has a few "safe places" like Slaves Bay, and a few safe houses marked around the 
land, anywhere outside these, they are free game, to be hunted and taken without any 
further consent needed, they are to wear an item called "hood of the hunted" that will 
make their presence known to any and all on the map, and will sooner or later 
be sniffed out by a Slaver to be taken (Whether this will long term, short term 
or just a capture is of course still down to the individuals involved after that, 
but gives you an opportunity to see what a master would have to offer, 
as well as discuss if you are time wise a match, before committing to more then a 
short termed thing.), Citizens may also take slaves, but are to seek consent from 
any they would wish to, since they are not actively a slaver, though they might also 
buy a slave at the market from a Noble at a later time, while being a Prey means 
you've automatically agreed to be captured by a Noble.

Mods Include:
Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod
Professions and Mastery
Kerzonds Prargon Leveling
Hosav’s UI Mod
Grim Productions
High Heel System
Dude’s Delightful Decorations
Indrid’s Custom Races

[ 4:03 PM ]

Availble Races to Play
Planetouched (Aasimar and Tiefling, maybe even the Elemental ones)
Fey touched (nymph or Satyr)
Half Giant
Beastmen (Werewolves, Werehyenas, Snakepeople, lizard folk)
Siren/water nymph
Angelic/Valkyrie -

Modified Rates
Increased XP rates
Increased Gather rates
Decreased Hunger and Thirst
Increased Craft times

New Server
Server IP: