Slaves and Pets FLYING after build destruction

Game mode: [ (Online official) ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP 1986 ]
Region: [ LATAM ]

[After you destruct an ENEMY building, his Archers, Warriors, Etc
KEEPS FLYING, and SHOOTING you, making it IMPOSSIBLE to kill
without arrows,

also when a base decays… all the PETS AND SLAVES STAY FLYING

it is like it is SINCE MONTHS, ARENT U GONNA FIX IT ???

PLEASE thats terrible for raiding,

there are people abusing of this bug making ARCHERS FLY
and being very, veryd hard to kill]

  1. Put a Pet or Warrior/Archer Slave in a place;
  2. Ask an friend or enemy of ANOTHER GUILD destroy the base he is;
  4. OBS: if YOU DESTROY THE BASE on their foot, the bug DOESNT HAPPEN, needs to be destroyed by OTHER PEOPLE, or decay by time;

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