Sleep in the bed

Conan could sleep in the bed, as we build bed, and could determinate time to sleep.
It’s my sujestion.


There’s an emote ingame already that allows you to lay down, close your eyes, and appear to sleep. Doesn’t do anything. There’s also a mod (Sexiles?) that gives a different sleep-type emote; that one actually allows you to slowly regenerate health while you’re laying there. In both cases, however, the ingame clock continues to tick by unabated while you’re staring at your immobile character.

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Depends on what exactly you mean I guess.
Like in some solo games where one goes to bed (or waits somewhere) for a certain number of hours which needs to be set when going to be/starting to wait?
Or rather “hey I’m gonna log out now, will be away for 16 hours, see ya”?

I dont think any of those would be too much of a good idea.
Being healed by i.e. 1hp/sec when doing the sleep emote on the bed/bedroll would be fun though.
(Or interacting with a bed one is already linked to results in the player laying down there and then getting healed - so it wont be tied to the emote but the bed/bedroll.)

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Not gonna lie–I’m a huge fan of Minecraft’s mechanic of “get into bed at night, wake up moments later at dawn”. That’s awesome. Not really an option for Conan though, alas.

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