Sleeping Gas Arrows?

It seems like it would be a simple matter to code an arrow that releases a cloud that does “stun” damage over time, similar to how you can have poison cloud arrows instead of snake arrows now.

Players and monsters would be immune, of course, but it would totally be worth a crafting cost to me to be able to, say, launch a few around the pirate ship and then sort through potential recruits after the smoke clears.

Seems like it would be easy enough to adapt the code, so is the worry it would make thrall hunting too easy? You’d still be limited to having to pick one to drag away and leaving the rest.

Oh we have those. Its the blunted arrows. Has the same outcome and they are effective.

Not really, thus my comparison to snake arrows/poison gas arrows as one being direct fire but cheap while the other is more complicated to make but area effect. Especially lately I’ve been seeing my blunt arrows bounce off my potential “recruits” a lot even when I hit with them. It would be great to have an option that’s more expensive to craft but doesn’t require as much finesse.

Ok yeah. I’ll bite. But then are you going to clean up your mess? You drop a bomb that knocks out a crowed of thralls and pick out the one you want. Are you going to kill the rest? Is everyone going to kill the rest? If you dont you just broke the spawn.

As for your bounce. Archery is designed to miss occasionally. You can improve your odds by specing into accuracy. 3-6 arrows and I have my thrall if I use a bow.

So if you cna get funcom to change the way knocked out thralls are handled by the respawn timers sure, this idea would be fun.

what, they actually fixed those!!! Just been letting Bar Room Betty (Female Captain with a club) sort them out for me:)

Yeah I didnt know they were broke. I took a break for a while but I tested them out last week and yep yep. :slight_smile:

For a while there early on they would kill before they knocked out. Great they fixed those. now i can sit up top Asagarth and just target the named lol.

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Re: bounces… feh, I missed enough already from ping issues and me the player having poor aim! It used to be that Accuracy just affected the damage dealt. I don’t have a huge number of points invested but at a 12 I feel like over 50% of my shots plinking off, assuming I even get the arrow on the hitbox to begin with, is excessive. Takes me nearly 78 arrows to put down a Cimmerian Berserker where it used to take at most 40-50. That’s not to mention the time I tried using the lock-on function and every single arrow bounced. Working as intended?

Anyhow I thought by default knocked out folks woke up again after about 10 minutes? If that’s not the case then okay, I can see issues there.

From what I’ve seen, knocking NPCs out doesn’t stop new ones from spawning. At least not in SMP anyway.

smp? Yeah they are supposed to wake up after about 10-15mins but dont always and yes knocking out npcs and only killing the ones you want is a method of force spawning the t4 you are looking for. Some people will leave their sleeping trash behind forcing you to wait even longer for the respawns.

Well like I said I’ve left a camp with 4 unconscious thralls on the ground, I come back and they’re still unconscious + new ones have spawned that then attack me. Even when I don’t kill any of them.

No doubt. The thing is, is that a camp has a set spawn. So if there are 5 thrall that spawn in a camp it will always be 5. You can check the devkit for verification. So if you go into a camp, knockout 3 and kill 2 only 2 have a chance to spawn. The game will see the 3 knocked out as active. If you drag one of the 3 away and put it in a wheel it is no longer active allowing 3 thralls to spawn (2 killed, 1 captured). The 2 still knocked out cannot be replaced until they wake up or die.

I do not know how the new wondering thralls affect this or if they even do.

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