Sleeping... would it be bad?

It is weird that in this game you have to eat, drink, protect yourself from weather, gas, poisons but you can walk,fight,run,jump,climb 24/7… in other words, character never sleeps, he doesn’t get tired at any circumstances.
Would it be problematic to insert a “sleeping need”?
This way you could also make the time pass (for example skip the night that is more dangerous) and move in the daylight, that would be more realistic.
I can comprehend that people would skip all the nights, but maybe you could be allowed to sleep only into a proper bed (not bedrolls) and ONLY in full shelter situation (inside a refuge/home).
I think it would add some pepper to the surviving.

Just a 2 cents idea…

The character sleeps when you disconnect from the game


Not an answer, you can play “on game” for many days and nights without sleeping, with such intentions the characters could feed also when you log off…
That’s not much playable is it?

How would this be implemented in official servers? If one person sleeps, does it skip the night for everyone? Plus I think needing sleep for your character is a little much since the day night cycle is so fast. I’m usually not at base because I’m out getting resources all the time. I don’t think a mechanic such as this could and/or should be added.

What’s your thoughts on a legendary Phoenix that’s hard to get but can be used as a cool down parachute and can be used as a pet that flies around you and is pesky to the enemy?

Honestly I didn’t considered the online question because I do not play online at all, maybe it could be implemented only for single campaign…

A flying phoenix?
Why not? in a fantasy game everything can be added in a “coherent” way!

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… and soon the characters will need to take a leak and add to compost pile… Nah, don’t see that happening; don’t want to see that happening, either

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wouldn’t be too awful to see your character just randomly take a crap like in ark

Right up until it becomes another pvp element…

lol, plus ark had a toilet xD forgot about that

Bad morning?
I do not believe I said anything about disliking pvp so stick your (now edited) assumptions in the dung pile, matey

I would dislike urinating/crapping emotes/functions becoming another element to humiliate a downed opponent. That is my point

Yes. Yes, it would be bad - please stop.

Thought I was writing the comment on a different post, chill.


:sweat_smile: my bad

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In the games where you do sleep it tends to be in a time skipping manner. That is lie down and select a period of time to pass to reduce the fatigue timer or to heal through sleep …eg 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours. The game puts you into a black screen or animation and the sleep time passes … often in those games you can speed up the time passing so to minimise the real time you are watching an inactive character…as let’s face it … it’s boring to watch your character alseep on a bed with nothing happening around you.
Time skipping is obviously not possible in a multiplayer game and probably not in a co-op either. And tbh I can not see Funcom coding it in for single player only.
So for me adding the requirement to sleep periodically would just be tedious use of my game time. I already wait for things to happen and keep myself occupied whilst items are being converted or crafted by doing other activities.
If I had to spend say five minutes every hour I play sleeping … I’d simply walk away from my computer or alt-tab during that time.

I’ll try and be constructive.
If you are really wanting the immersive effect of time going by while you “sleep”, you can always–on SP–go to admin and jump time and regenerate health, food and water. Thus doing what the mechanic is mostly used for in open world games (GTA, RDR to name a few).

Im already battling my own sleep meter after work lol. Dont think it needs added. If you can stay awake that long your char probably cld as well…

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