Slime Knights - 4x Harvest 3x XP - AoC - 300lvl

Slime Knights is a brand new PvE-C server, with the intention of staying up for a long while. We run a limited number of mods to improve user experience but are open to suggestions. There is no RP, so you don’t need to confront someone and have a conversation if your intent is to kill them. As of right now to balance attribute points, you will earn attribute points when you first join the server, and you will continue to earn points up to 60, but from there you will have to /kit to gain attribute points at level 60, and level 120, this is likely to change in the future. This is a new server so keep in mind it might not be entirely set up yet, but a decent starter kit is available, and the entire map is currently empty so come and claim your territory!

Server Hardware:

Slots: 30
Location: North America-East

Memory Allocation: 16GB

Hard Disk: NVMe. M2 Enterprise (Extreme Performance)

CPU Clock Speed: 4.4Ghz+ (OC Ultra Performance)

Tickrate: 60 (Unlocked)

CPU Priority: Realtime CPU Priority (Extreme Turbo Boost)