Slow building placement

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: Slow Building Placement
Region: [Official Xbox Server (2500)]

When trying to place building pieces such as foundation or ceiling tiles placement is very slow. It is like there is a 5 second wait timer before the next piece can be placed. Its making building my structure quite time consuming. So far the delay between being able to place pieces seems to be most noticeable when placing both Foundation wedges and ceiling wedges. While there is a delay with normal square pieces its not as long/noticeable as with the wedges. I am not sure if this is lag or not. Ping is typically averages right at 100ms at server login. While normally I wouldn’t consider this great Its pretty standard for this type of game. I can confirm others on server 2500 have experienced this as well. Below is a few things I have done in an attempt to trouble shoot this issues. Given that others are experiencing this and that none of the troubleshooting on the client side are helping it appears this is something server side. I should also mention this has been going on since roughly the last patch on Xbox. (About a week)

Reset Xbox one X (Both hard and soft resets)
Played offline for a bit (Placement works fine offline)

Also a bit of a side note. I think improved carpenter benches should be a thing. The additional space in the crafting station would be really helpful for processing wood in large bulk

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on to official server 2500
  2. Build with both standard and wedge foundations.