Small 10 man Private PvE for Creative Builders

Just throwing this out there to see if there’s any interest.

We have a small group of 3-4 people that have playing together for ages and are willing to add a few similar minded people. We’re adults, youngest in 30s, most 40s. I’ve had this server running for about 2 years, but recently wiped it with the new thrall management patch. The focus of the server is on building and purges. None of us are guilded for purge reasons. We’re decent people who just enjoy BS’n and building. Our conversations are probably not for the easily offended. If you’re an adult, respectful of the people around you, with nothing to prove other than how badass of a builder you are, shoot me a message.

No mods
XP is jacked up.
Crafting is 2x’s
Purge settings are usually somewhat extreme, but temporarily turned down due do the abundance of COVID-19 playtime.

I’m not regularly on these forums, but I’ll come check now and again to see if anyone is interested.

Just a suggestion, if you’re really into building, why no mods? You can add a tremendous amount of building options with Glass Constructions and more, then there’s Less building Placement Restrictions, No support needed roof pieces, etc. just to name a few.