Small BIG changes (list of suggestions)

Lost Eden changes:

; BattleStation decontamination unit buffs Run speed

  • level 10-30 = 1200 / level 31-60 = 1000 / level 61-100 = 750 / level 101-150 = 500

At this point changing map layout would be bad, but characters are so slow that doing BS, no matter if for PVP (rare thing) or just for cap to finish mission is slow. That buff should be removed after leaving BS.

; BattleStation

  • 4 players, 2 each side to start battle station. 1 to keep it running.

Currently 90% of low level BS willbe broken due actual mechanics. No need to keep it that way

; BattleStation

  • Rocket Launcher to be Item placed in Hud1/2/3 and PERK action after equipping.

99% of characters Can’t swap weapons. There is no FUN going into mech cause actual mechanics. And using RL is impossible to most chars. Thus, we got tools we don’t use.

; Nemesis Nano

  • Nano req. 200 for each profession. Level 150 locked

Nemesis nano from LE works in favor only for nano casting professions. Its dull, that trader can use it at 45 level and soldier cant use it at 150.

; Hud3 with special attack boost

Each special will gain +10 at lvl 50, +20, at lvl 150 and +30 at lvl 200 with same AAO bonus as gained special. Diversity in builds ftw!

Rubi-Ka changes:

; LockPick usable from toolbar

I mean, make it PERK. You buy lockpick, use it as nano, and it load ICON of locpick.

; Cyborg Barracks with additional INSTANCED entrance for froobs and paids

Place entrance with blue beam near original entrance. Divide barracks into 3 zones for levels 60+, 100+ and 200. Where mobs would be respectively 100, 200 an 250. At end of each section place boss with loottable made of: Miy’s, Mist filled Jar, stated rings like Docaholic and Endurance, Essance. Also, loot like Heavy Weapon Expertise, Thugs Bully, Ranged Energy Expertise would be great
Re-using existing zone and making additional instance for froobs/paid on RK would be great addition for the game and teamplay.

Alien Invasion

; Sectors 7 and 10 change

Merge sectors usability range: Sector 10 for players lvl 100-150 and Sector 7 for players 150-200. Rubi-Ka zones like TOTW, IS, Foremans got great cover for ranges, yet those mentioned above alien playfields separate twink usage. Without reason. Keep loot lvl locked as it is. More challange, more fun, more options!