Small Cypress Tree?

So I got “Small Cypress Tree” from the Battlepass, now there’s “Small Cypress Tree” in the Bazaar, but doesn’t say I already own it. If there’s a difference, they should have different names. If there’s not a difference, it should say I already own it. This seems very odd. And I’m left wondering if it’s worth just over $2 for a single item that may be the exact same as what I already have…oh wait, no I’m not left wondering. I know it isn’t.

Please make the Bazaar more worthwhile. I’m glad to spend money on a game I love, but I don’t enjoy being overcharged or asked to buy something I already have.

about this , it’s even worse in French , you get advertised a "Tall cypress " in the battle passes name

and a " small cypress " in the bazaar name

and end up getting two different trees that are both called " small cypress " that are the same length in size :

The one from the Battlepass is labelled as the ‘Large’ variant in the previews.

That said, they’re both the nearly the same size but with a slightly different model:

The Battlepass on the left, the Bazaar on the right.

Greater size difference would have been appreciated though, given the names.


That’s why i only bought the storm glass set until now, no BP, no "little"item from the bazaar.

None of it is worth the price (the tree should have been 50 and not 250) and the practice say “fu… you” to the casual gamer.

None of my friends bought anything from the bazaar or took the Battle pass.
If it was in a DLC the story would have been different.

In other words: By not doing the classical DLC package in parallel of the bazaar or even convert the previous BP into a 20$ DLC , they lose money from people who usually buy their DLC.

Funcom doesn’t flag posts, they delete or modify them. Users flag posts.

I bet everyone clicks 'view ignored content" :laughing:



I’m not surprised. There was a thread about a year ago asking about returning the Royal Armor and Atlantean Sword for purchase, there was quite a few people who voiced their opinion against it. People like their time exclusive stuff. :man_shrugging:

I don’t understand people thinking that way. I have the Royal Armor. Why should it bother me if they sell the Royal Armor to others? I still got it free. If it’s a status thing, then people are just taking video games much too seriously.


That’s exactly what it is.

Digital exclusives aren’t even remotely close to the weirdest thing people go crazy for.

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i hate that i bought the tree from the bazaar. anywho the ‘large’ or ‘tall’ tree is actually a smidge shorter than the ‘small’.

at least make it significantly bigger. :confused: i agree with what all y’all are saying. :confused:

And yet in another thread, the salt flows about noobs getting T4 thralls and end game tools.

The royal armor was never worth using except when you first rolled a new avatar.
Now with transmorg, you can make it so much better.
Personally, after a year and five months of EA, during which some of us suffered the worst glitches and bugs ever, I think we deserve some exclusivity.

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I started playing about a month after it first went EA (had to get a new graphics card just to play), and I started on PvP with the Chinese hackers in their prime. So I certaintly understand the “suffering” you mean. I guess exclusivety just isn’t a big deal to me personally. But to each their own.

As for transmog with the royal armor, I don’t much care for the look of it. I mostly use the Poitain armor appearance.

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