Small details that add dynamism to the game

Cookies and cursor location for the search engine

When you open the menu, the cursor should automatically be activated in the search box. It is a detail but it is annoying to have to click each time.
Also the search should be stored in the search engine when you open it again.

items counted disappearing

When you order a crafting, the items needed to the left should disappear automatically so you can move the remaining items to another container while the crafting goes on, currently when you move the items to a container you interrupt the crafting, this is annoying and hinders the game

Sort inventory

It would be nice to be able to order the inventory with a single click, to group the items that are the same and eliminate empty boxes that are distributed randomly. The same in all inventories.

information about weapons

the weapons should show how much damage they do in the blacksmith’s crafting menu, so you can see it before crafting the weapon
They should also show the weight and durability.

Information about your stock

When you find an item in the open world, or just right-click on your inventory, the game should be able to tell you if you already have that item, the amount and if possible the location

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if I may, can I also add a wish for a whistle? to tell my pet or thrall follower to attack or come by my side?


Thats really good idea… Yeah, these things are missing for me too

One thing we desperately need is Clan Management and Thralls defenders hostile 24/7.
But I bet we will have to wait another 2 months or more for that.

Very good idea!!!

…including the option to take a stance towards other clans? (friendly, neutral, hostile)